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  Plum (adjective)—something that is extremely desirable, rewarding, profitable.

     At Plum Tree Books we seek to give you books that are just that.  We believe that desire and delight direct us to what we love and we organize our lives around what we love.  Children learn to read when they learn to decode letters but reading becomes a part of their lives when they want to understand a story.  Books should delight and instruct.  Children love stories, language, words, poetry; it is natural to them.  Children are also drawn to beautiful, colorful, lively images.  Plum Tree books seeks to give you and your children such an encounter.  Imagine biting into a juicy sweet plum in August—that is what we want you to expect from our books. 

     As technology evolves we are able to give children more access to books.  We believe that, while technology should be used wisely, electronic books are one such use.  Books show us we aren’t alone in our thinking or experience.  They help us to experience the mind of someone who thinks differently than we.  They give us experiences we have never had.  They introduce us to an experience before we have it.  We publish books of various genres that seek to achieve all of these ends. 

     Curl up—let a Plum Tree Book keep you company and take you somewhere else in
the world. 

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